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As a French “Dancing Queen”, Sylvie Guillem joined the Paris Opera Ballet at the age of 16 in 1981, and relying on outstanding performance, she awarded the “Celebrity” title only three years later.

With well-known reputation, she is interested in the fake Rolex Datejust watches with steel bracelets for UK. However, different from other dancers, she left the Ballet at the age of 23 with the aim of becoming more independent, and she accepted the invitation of the Royal Ballet to hold the post of the chief visiting artist. As the superstar, she could also skillfully interpret the modern dance.

From each of her dance, people can feel her deep emotion, and the Swiss replica Rolex watch with self-winding movement accompanied her to become brave and confident to keep improving in the dancing. Just as excellent as her extraordinary body and exquisite skill, the forever copy watches with high quality are really luxury and brilliant.

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On December 30 of 2015, Sylvie Guillem finished her last show tour “Life in Progress” in Japan, which completely interpreted her remarkable dancing skill to the world. Due to her special fondness for Japan with the great shock of the natural disaster on her, she has integrated the compassion into her work, so she chose Japan as her last show.

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