Reasons To Choose Rolex Cellini Date Replica Cheap Watches UK With Black Dials

Cellini collection is very classical for its elegant style. Cellini Date watches are a perfect combination of traditional elements and innovative technologies. There are two reasons to choose Rolex Cellini Date copy watches with 18ct everose gold cases.


  1. Excellent Movements

Rolex fake watches are driven by 3165 Calibre, self-winding mechanical movements with paramagnetic blue Parachrom balances that can save 48-hour power. The movements support the functions to show the time and date. Cellini watches don’t have complicated functions like keeping time. But the movements are still certified by COSC and extremely precise.

  1. Decent Designs

Cellini Date collection has very simple but exquisite designs. The diameter of the 18ct everose gold cases is 39mm. The double bezels are fluted, adding stereoscopic feeling. The black dials are textured with the radiate effect. There is a small dial with numbers at 3 o’clock to show the date. All the details are impressive.


Rolex fake watches with black leather straps give people a noble and decent image. If you don’t want complicated functions and just need to see the time and date, this watch would be the best choice for you.